Feeding Frenzy

Ok. so I has this idea of using a Google Page Creator site to create this great mobile industry information portal. You know, nicely organized lists of links to content providers, carriers, mobile developer portals, media transcoders, keitai culture blogs, SNS, application developers, blah, blah, blah. Then I sat down and started to make it. 30 minutes later I wondered what I was thinking. A few of my neglected bookmarks are 404's now, new companies and news portals spring up (and disappear) every day, and there is no way I could maintain it without dedicating the precious little personal time I have to shuffling and updating lists of links. No thanks.

But I still wanted to do something.

So I got feed-happy. Perhaps too much so since my blog is beginning to look a little busy (and not with frequent posts). Anyhow, it was a good little research excercise. Feeds are the lazy way to keep a site animated, even if the javascript they depend upon often breaks on my keitai (especially the Technorati iframe). So got all up into del.icio.us, Technorati and Bloglines. These feed aggregators have nice browser buttons you can use to quickly add sites and feeds. We are starting to use RSS and Atom more at my work to animate mobile sites and synchronize them with standard web services, so I justified my feeding frenzy to myself as work-related research. Now if I can only get this blog's posts to propagate to my Mixi blog I will be extra-happy.

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