The Ubiquitous QR Code (in Japan, anyway)

Anyone who has been to Japan already knows this, but these things are everywhere. Yes, I eat fast food sometimes. So what?

There have been a lot of alternatives springing up over the last couple years, especially in Europe, but in Japan, along with "empty mail" "quick-response codes" the easiest way to get to a URL. It's also used for getting calendar events, contact info, etc. They were originally developed for shipping purposes. Nearly every Japanese keitai comes with a QR-Code reader. They are on you food wrappers, beer cans, sides of buidings, in subways and taxis, on clothes, in museums and restaurants, etc. You can see for yourself here.


Anonymous said...

Check out new code format in Philipinnes. More robust and works with phone optics: http://www.chette.com/main/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=99&Itemid=1&pop=1&page=0#thecomments Uses Nextcode technology and run by SMART 22 million subscribers.

Stephen Chasey said...

Thanks for the info! I think I remember seeing these at Orange Code Camp in Florida last year. It is nice that they do not require a macro lens. I also occasionally see shotcodes (http://www.shotcode.com/) in Europe. They look pretty simple for the information they carry and are also readable without special optics.