It's been crazy relocating from Tokyo to Amsterdam without taking time off of work. I've now got an apartment and a bike, so I'm pretty much settled in. I am a little concerned about the spiders.

I am not so fond of spiders.

There are LOTS of spiders around the parks in Amsterdam.

My apartment is near a park.

When we moved in for real and the owner had cleared out my wife and I could really check everything out. We went to the terrace (a big selling point on the apartment) and took a seat. Without turning my head I could see 6 spiders hanging in midair pretty close to me. One of them was eating a fly. I don't want to get rid of them because I expect they are there because my place is teeming with spider snacks.

Maybe a few spiders is better than swarms of gnats or horseflies. The only spider that concerns me is this little tiny guy in a corner of the terrace. Today we saw him slowly cocooning a horsefly maybe 20 times bigger than itself. Must be pretty poisonous.

Or maybe I should just relax and spray them away with a hose. That's my terrace.

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Marc Fonteijn said...

Hi Stephan, now that you're in Amsterdam be sure to come by on the next Mobile Monday (http://www.mobilemonday.com)!