EMobile ready to go live

So EMobile, the mobile arm of EAccess, have finally made their offering public. EMobile is a new carrier in Japan, leasing their network from DoCoMo I believe. Their first and flagship device, the S01SH is getting lots of hype. EMobile is promoting their new HSDPA device with a flat-rate data plan. Data cards under the same plan are available and of course they are making promotional bundles to cross sell fixed-line internet services from EAccess. EMobile seems to be going for the same market segment as Willcom, and this device will definitely make them a contender.

I think Sharp is becoming the most prolific device manufacturer in Japan. They also make Willcom's flagship WZero-3[es] as well as spotlight keitai for Docomo and Softbank. The S01SH has a 800x480 WVGA screen, is only 18.9mm thick and is 1-seg (ISDB-T) ready.

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