Yay! I got a comment on my blog. An anonymous commenter pointed me towards Smart Decode, a QR-Code like optical encoding scheme that can be read by ordinary mobile camera optics and can also be used to represent URLs, contact info, etc. You can see a few examples at the link the commenter was nice enough to provide. This reminded me of Shotcode which is yet another format for representing data with a simple monochrome pattern. While Smart Decode is only available to Smart subscribers (only in the Philippines, apparently), Shotcode lets you make your own codes online. Apparently they also have a proxy to adapt web pages for mobiles. You can create codes for "minimum", "medium" and "maximum (no images)" site optimization. Here are some shotcodes for this blog. They represent "minimum", "medium" and "maximum" optimization levels from left to right (or from upper left if they wrap to the next line). I don't happen to have a compatible phone with me at the moment (no support for my keitai :(), but you can download the application from their web site as well. I'll taking a trip to Amsterdam this weekend, so maybe I'll try it out while I'm there.

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