The Original Interactive Pants

Thanks to Symblogogy for covering this in the linked article. I checked out the web site and press release of Denim Code's 2D barcode-branded jeans marketed as "The Original Interactive Pants". Hmmm.
I've seen lots of t-shirts and baseball caps with QR-codes and barcodes on them, but I think 2D barcodes are really becoming hyped up as marketing tools now, which is pretty cool since there are some pretty imaginative things you can do with them. In this case I think it is kitch that is the main attractor, but the codes point to mobile video contents so as the content gets passed around, their concept and brand get promoted. The codes appear to be based on Abaxia's MobileTags.

Actually, if for each piece there are multiple codes to chose from it might encourage multiple purchased as customers start to collect. Clothes with personalized messages in the code would be cool too.

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