Moji-Q Maker

All About Mobile Life has alerted me to Moji-Q Maker. It lets you make custom-colored QR-codes with text embedded in them. Very cool.


Actually, my AU keitai does not seem to recognize the meta-data in the code. It recognizes the URL, but appends two semi-colons to the end of the URL, which gets a blogger 404. If I could encode a URL only without the title, etc. then it would work perfectly.

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kazina said...

Hi, I'm kazina author of MOJI-Q. Just I found your Post fortuity.

I'm happy you found MOJI-Q, even it's written in Japanese. So I made English version.
English version of MOJI-Q imprints no letters but you input.
Maybe your AU keitai can understand.
#semi-colons are for Docomo keitai.


Sorry my pour English, I can't speak English...