Jaxo: nice barcode generator

Very cool online bar code generator that lets you create QR-codes, Datamatrix, Aztec and PDF 417. You can switch between codes to compare them and technical information about the code is also displayed. There are even some simple drawing tools to let you customize you code with color.

You can try it out online or download a standalone Java application. They also make a reader for phones, but I prefer i-nigma and Kaywa over this one. Still, the generator apps are definitely worth a look.


dlethe01 said...

Hi Stephen,
Have you download NeoReader yet? Please tell us about it.

I-M-Possible said...

Do you know a open source activex control/win32 dll that can be used in Visual basic to produce customized 2D barcode in PDF417 format, just like jaxo?

Vicky said...

I wanna try this but where's the download url? Currently I use iWinSoft Barcode Generator. It's also quite easy to use.

dora said...

Thanks for the info. Here is another barcode generator: BarcodeGenerator