Lots o' free stuff out there...

Mobile web technology is maturing fast. It's also becoming cheap and available as carriers, device manufacturers, browser developers, commercial software developers and the OSS community make and increasing number of tools, libraries, frameworks, device profile databases, rendering engines and media transcoders available to the masses. Most of today's popular scripting languages now have at least a few mobile-oriented modules available. Even Firefox has a few extensions that are specifically intended as tools for mobile development.

These days most people who can build a PC web application can make that application mobile without too much more effort. Even the carriers are beginning to open their portals (or parts of them anyway) to the general public. With all this technology freely available and the industry hype about .mobi, "convergence" and mobile SNS's the mobile web will probably get a lot more love and an injection of creativity from developers and subscribers alike as the technical and financial barriers to entering the mobile space are lowered.

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